Online Classes

Struggling for time? But want the commitment of showing up to class? Then look no further! 

Live online classes! 

Like-minded people coming together from all corners, to focus on one thing; thriving - growing vigorously, progressing despite circumstances!


Whats on offer?

Each week presents new custom classes specifically tailored to my students. The classes are pitched at a moderate level, with modification always offered to either accommodate injuries or push a little/a lot further.

If you're looking for a drop in class, or to sign up to a monthly membership scroll down! 

If you're looking for something more bespoke  

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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















The unlimited plan offers all four classes per week (16 monthly) including Vinyasa flow, Yoga Sculpt and Slow Flow, the perfect compliment to each other. Building strength, flexibility, endurance and mindfulness.

The half plan is a choice for you to pick 2 classes per week (8 monthly),

This can be just Vinyasa Yoga, just Yoga Sculpt or a mix of the two!

Your need to know:

  • All you need is your computer or phone/tablet, yoga mat

    • For sculpt you'll also need something you can use as weights                                                                 (tins of beans or bottles of wine more than acceptable!).

  • Classes will be streamed live Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. 

  • Classes will be recorded and the link put onto the website.

  • You'll get tailored Spotify playlists for each class to enhance your experience 

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Online Classes aren’t just a phase. We a

Want something a little more personalised and focused on you? 

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