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Thrive Online

Live Online & Recorded
Like-minded people coming together from all corners, to focus on one thing; thriving - growing vigorously, progressing despite circumstances!


Whats on offer?

Each week presents new custom classes specifically tailored to my students. The classes are pitched at a moderate level, with modification always offered to either accommodate injuries or push a little/a lot further.

If you're looking for a drop in class, or to sign up to a monthly membership scroll down! 

If you're looking for something more bespoke  

Thrive Online

  • 25£
    Every month

THRIVE ONLINE: over 100+ pre-recorded classes available on demand, and new classes added weekly. 

Your needs:

  • A device

  • Yoga mat

  • For sculpt you'll also need something you can use as weights, roughly 2/3kg  (tins of beans or bottles of wine more than acceptable!)

  • Determination! 

Thrive with Ellie (5).png

Unsure if online classes for you? Worried about fitting it in to your day?

Get in contact for a complementary phone call to discuss how we can make this work for you! 

Online Classes aren’t just a phase. We a

Want something a little more personalised and focused on you? 

Why not try private 1-1 sessions that are specifically tailored to your need!

Get in contact to find out more

Thrive with Ellie (5).png
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