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What is Yoga Sculpt?

Looking for something a little more intense? Then yoga sculpt could be for you.

Made up of traditional yoga poses, hand weights and high intensity interval training. 

Yoga + Strength Training + HIIT = YOGA SCULPT

A class that ensures your heart gets pumping, your blood flowing, all whilst challenging your balance and core, creating a maximum calorie burning class!


How I found Yoga Sculpt

I stumbled across my first class while spending the summer in Savannah, USA.  From the name I thought it was a simple yoga class with a focus on toning our muscles - oh how I couldn’t have been more wrong!


I was a sweaty exhausted mess half way through.  

Jeri (the teacher), encouraged me to never give up, and reminded me of why I had gone to class in the first place.

It was a very different workout to anything I had ever done before.  Sure, I’ve worked out in the gym and I’ve also done plenty yoga classes, but somehow combining the two, creating a never-ending sequence that flows from the beginning of class to the end.  It pushes you in ways I couldn’t have imagined!  I was hooked.


Fast forward 2 years later, and Jeri was the incredible teacher that certified me to teach Yoga Sculpt.


A vibrant, fun, class! Available for all standards. Give it a try, I promise you’ll love it!

In Person Pricing

Beginners Introductory Offer
£50/50 mins

Not sure if this is for you? Try it out!

1 - 1 Privates

Perfect for someone wanting to improve their technique. 

£60/60 mins
Group Lessons
£100/60 mins

2-4 people

Groups of 5 or more

Rate listed is for 5 people and with additional fee of £10 per person after that.

£120 / 60 mins
Corporate Wellness Programmes

Motivate and increase the welfare and happiness of your employees. 

Tailor-made, affordable packages available for your organisation.

And more...

From retreats, workshops, and more for individuals & groups.

For online classes click here

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